Three Speeds Only

After I opened up my transmission I decided to follow the shop manual step by step to continue to take the whole thing apart.

Bonus points if you can name everything in this photo

I needed to get the roll pin out to drive the countershaft out of the case so it would be easier to take off all the gears one by one. At least this is what the book told me to do. For a month or so I tried to drive out that damn roll pin, but it only got more jammed between the idler shaft and wouldn’t come out. This means I couldn’t get the countershaft out either. At this point, I was almost defeated by this little cast iron box of gears.

After taking a break and running away to the desert for a week I came back feeling refreshed and ready to outsmart this project. With my tiny hands and with a lot of finagling I was able to tilt the output shaft and gears in such a way that let me wiggle them off and out of the case.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Now with the out put shaft and input shaft out of the case I needed to find someone with a press so I could press off the old bearing and press on the new ones. A press would also be helpful to get that damn countershaft out as well so I could properly clean out all the metal pieces from the broken bearing from the bottom of the case. I had some major help from a few dudes who used the shop at their place of employment to get all of that done for me. This was incredibly helpful and a bit terrifying but all that mattered was that it was done!

Once I cleaned everything in some industrial strength degreaser it was time to rebuild. With the much needed help and encouragement from my friend Martin, we put it all back together in about 6 hours and took some pretty great boomerangs of it all. We replaced all the synchro rings, snap rings, and spacers that came in my rebuild kit. We didn’t need to replace any gears, except for the speedometer gear, since they all looked pretty good. I finished up the project the following weekend after managing to borrow a torque wrench to get everything properly tight and sealed up.

Netflix, Tranny, and Chill

Now the only thing left to do is to put her back on to an engine that actually runs…

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