Hey there!

My name is Alice Pye. My favorite band is The Beatles and I love anything that’s old, crusty, taken for granted, or forgotten. I’m what may be described as an “old soul”.

In April of 2017 I purchased a 1963 Ford F100, lovingly known as Betsy, with the insane plan of fixing it up to drive it across the country from Los Angeles to New Orleans, my new home, following Route 66. This is by far the craziest, least logical, and the most dangerous thing I’ve ever attempted in my life. Yet despite all that, I’ve never been happier.

This is what happiness looks like, in case you forgot.

Maybe we get a little to scared to go after those crazy dreams we all have. It’s terrifying to put so much of your money, time, blood, sweat, and tears into something that doesn’t make any sense. It won’t move you forward in your career, it’s not going to get you a raise, it’s not going to help you buy a house or start a family. What it will do is help improve you as a human being. What I’ve realized is that turning around and looking your fears straight in between the eyes until they cower and put their tail between their legs while you make loud noises at them so much so that they turn around and start running away which makes you run after them waving your arms like a crazy person helps you figure out and come to terms with who you are and why you’re on this planet.

Apart from following through with this idea for myself, my hope is to inspire others to go for it as well. Because in the end no matter what happens, you’ll have an incredible story to tell.

This blog will follow the process of fixing up this old girl, my Route 66 trip plan, and finally cataloging my hopefully entertaining and climactic trip across the country.

I understand that this project is not an easy one. There will be ups, and there have already been plenty of downs, both of which should give me some great content for this blog. If you want to follow along, give me words of support or advice, or just laugh at/with me when I fail miserably please follow this blog or see me on Instagram!