Enchanted Trails

The Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post was an oasis in the middle of the desert for me. After a stressful day I finally had a warm place to sleep, wifi, showers, laundry. It was a luxury I didn’t think would even be possible before I got to Texas!


Vickie put me up in a trailer named Della, a 1974 Silver Streak. I walked in and collapsed on the floor from happiness, exhaustion, and the weight of the sheer road magic that was just bestowed on me. An overwhelming wave of relief washed over me all at once. I was terrified, drained, and overjoyed at my dumb luck.



Once I finally picked myself off the floor and explored all the little details of the trailer. I found a decorative plate of the State of California, which was beyond perfect. Instantly I thought, “This is meant to be.” An incredible turquoise sectional couch took up the front part of the trailer. The 70s vibe was fully accentuated by the slick atomic print curtains. There was vintage travel magazines, more decorative plates (one that even said “Bless This Trailer”), vintage board games, ceramic pink flamingos, and even an entire set of vintage melamine dishes and cups in the cupboards!

As soon as I was finished exploring my trailer, I went outside to explore the rest of this magical place. Enchanted Trails has seven different vintage trailers (including Della) that you can rent very affordably during the spring and summer months. They are all equally adorable and look amazing all parked right next to each other. Some of them even have matching vintage Hudson cars parked next to them!



The main building has very toasty bathrooms and wonderfully hot showers! There is also a marvelous rec room filled with vintage Route 66 memorabilia, a game room with retro arcade games, and a TV room too! The laundry room is also filled with vintage laundry equipment that is beyond adorable. In the summer you can also take a dip in the lovely pool as well!


However, even if you’re not staying at Enchanted Trails RV park, don’t forget about their Trading Post! They have quite a delightful gift store that’s fun to visit even on its own. There’s a lot of unique souvenirs and chachkies that really have a retro, glory days of Route 66, trailer park living theme to them.

I cannot tell you enough how much I loved my time at Enchanted Trails. Vickie was extremely generous and let me stay in Della for four nights, even though I was planning on only staying for one! I don’t know if I would have made it through those four days without her kindness and endless generosity.


The amazing thing that I realized though is that this kind of road magic is normal for Route 66. We’re all humans and we’re all on this planet together. What most people on the mother road realize is that it’s infinitely easier to be nice to people than not. It’s easier to be kind, generous, and helpful no matter the person’s politics, religion, or values. You would think that taking a long road trip by yourself would be isolating, but it really almost shows you how connected and similar we all are. We’re truly all in this together.



After waking up in a casino parking lot just past Grants in New Mexico, I had some coffee while watching the big rigs roll by. I thought it was going to be a pretty straightforward driving day, and I was excited to get on the road.



I headed to the McDonalds across the road so I could brush my teeth and use their wifi. I parked Bets on a small incline and got in the back to get my stuff. All the sudden I looked up and I realized Betsy was rolling back. The emergency brake wasn’t holding.

At this moment I had a fraction of a second to panic. I hopped out of the back of the truck, and the only thing I could think of doing was try to stop her by myself. That clearly wasn’t going to happen. I glanced behind me and I realized that she was heading towards the a curb that was separating the drive through lane from the rest of the parking lot. I thought I was in luck. I assumed Betsy’s tires would roll up to the curb and she would stop. To my surprise, however, she just kept rolling right on over that curb. She secretly wants to be a rock crawler, I think.

Thankfully the second curb stopped her, but now she was blocking the entire McDonalds drive through lane. I quickly got in the cab, fired her up, and went around the parking lot looking for flat ground to park her on so I could figure out what I needed to do.

After a good half hour of mentally preparing myself to drive again, checking all the fluids over and over again to reassure myself,  I hit the road towards Albuquerque, which was less than an hour away. The road treated Betsy just fine, and although it was slow going to keep my anxiety at bay, the driving was warm and pleasant.


My amazing friend Ian, who started this whole adventure with me in San Bernardino, put me in contact with the Enchanted Trails RV Park located on Route 66 just outside of Albuquerque. Vickie, the owner, was generous enough to put me up in one of their vintage trailers. I didn’t know how much I needed a safe place to stay after the day I had just had and I was beyond thankful for her generosity, and still am!

Spot the Betsy!

After the stress of that morning, getting into that sweet 70s Silver Streak trailer was absolutely magical, some may even say enchanting…