Betsy Gets Illustrated!

The other day I received a wonderful message from amazing artist Neil Hannum on Instagram. He wanted to draw Betsy in all her glory from a picture I took in Gallup, NM in front of the El Rancho Hotel. I was thrilled, to say the least. I’ve been interested in an illustration of Betsy for a while now and to have an artist I admired come forward and be interested in such a project from their own end was so incredible, and inspirational, and validating as well!

Neil also asked me to write a poem for the piece, and I obliged:

An old Ford truck
Will never get stuck
In any place
You cannot embrace.
Hit the open road, rely on luck.

To see more of Neil’s work, check out his Instagram. If you want to purchase some of his original art you can find that on his Etsy store. You can also commission him to illustrate your rig in the same style!